About Us

When State & Co. was founded in 2020 by Andrew and Kelsey they were working for a Fashion Wholesaler based out of Philipsburg, PA and living in State College. During this time they were traveling to trade shows, chain retailer presentations, and China twice a year for factory visits, textile shows, and design inspiration. They had wanted to create something within the fashion world that they could call their own and be proud of. With their backgrounds in marketing, design, photography, and textiles they knew that they could get something off the ground quick, but what would it be?
The idea was to always make high quality goods, timeless designs, and push a positive message. That's when the lightbulb hit. They had been around State College all their lives from growing up as kids, to Kelsey attending Penn State, and now living here as young adults. Why not make clothes that represent their values, love for design, and the pride they had for State College, PA? It's a perfect mix! 
If you've ever been to State College whether to attend Penn State, just visiting, or if you've lived here your whole life, you can instantly tell there is something special about it. It's just big enough to have everything you need but small enough that you get to know the business owners (Hi Kendra & David @K2Roots), your neighbors, and the regulars at Tudek Dog Park. You have the influx of youth and innovative ideas from Penn State, the gorgeous state parks that sit in the awe-inspiring Alleghenies, and you have the die hard locals that continue the traditions of half marathons, Arts Fest, farmer's markets, and memorial day in Boalsburg. 
The mission is to create high quality, local inspired, style driven pieces for those who live here, lived here, or are passing through but don't want to forget about the good times they had. So here's to State College, Pa! If you know, you know.
Be Easy & Cheers