What makes our products "Premium"?

I know what you're thinking...

Everyone says that they have "premium" products, right? It's just marketing jargon. How can a classic t-shirt be premium? What makes us any different?

 As with a lot of things in life the little things matter. We focus on details that make a world of difference in the end product. Here are just 3 when it comes to our t-shirts that helps us create truly premium products. 


Combed Ring-Spun Cotton

The holy grail of streetwear, cotton t-shirts. This type of t-shirt is the best of the best before you get into Egyptian cotton and VERY expensive yarns. This cotton process takes out the imperfections and leaves behind an extremely soft and durable t-shirt. Another bonus is that printing on this type of quality t-shirt is far better than other "carded open-end" (aka not combed) cotton t-shirts. 

Ring spun combed cotton




I don't care if the t-shirt is made from cotton spun with gold. If it doesn't fit right, it makes no difference how soft, strong, or expensive it is. That's why we choose 3 different t-shirts that are all premium but have their own fits. Our 3 fits are categorized as Tapered, Classic, and Relaxed. This way you can find one of our -shirts that fits your style and needs easily!




Now that you have the combed, ring-spun cotton and the fit in place you have to have it built right. You don't put beautiful white wall tires on a 1986 Cadillac and then suspend it with wood. We hold all of our products to very high standards. This means double stitched hems, 32 single threads, and pre-shrunk fabrics. We need to have a solid construction in order to bring it all together. This way you have a sturdy, soft, and dependable product that lasts wear after wear, game after game, and wash after wash. 


We focus on quality. No longer are the cheap Gildan one offs. We want our shirts buttery smooth. We want to play tailgate tackle football and rely on our shirt to not rip. We want to root on Penn State with a shirt that's as strong as Beaver Stadium is loud. Break the mold and go with better.


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