The Story Behind Indy Boy

Our logo is very close to us, literally. As I'm writing this he's at my feet, under my desk, curled up on 2 blankets. His favorite spot when I'm working. Our logo was inspired by our dog, Indy. He just had the perfect little face.

I fumbled around different ideas for a name and logo while building State & Co. At first it was The Happiest Valley with an older type logo on a triangle background and halftone pattern underneath. I liked it and still do but not for this company. That's going to be the name of our Podcast (coming soon). Then it was just STATE with a "Varsity" type face. But that felt cliché. That transformed into what we are today. State & Co. with our "swoop" font logo, but that wasn't enough.

We needed something that could be the "face" for State & Co. Around this time Kelsey and I had just got our little 10 week old mini labradoodle pup from Indiana. It was the day after Valentine's day and we drove 8 hours into Ohio where the family that bred him met us for the drop off. It was love at first sight. Truly. He was, and is, the perfect mixture of playful and loving. It wasn't until he was a few weeks older, wearing a bandana we had made for him, with his scruffy hair all wild, sitting in the living room looking at me that it finally dawned on me. That was the face for State & Co. Everything that I wanted this brand and company to represent was right there. He's always down to get out and chase a ball for hours, wants to meet every person that walks by, and his tail is wagging constantly. In short, he's fun, loving, lighthearted, positive, and caring. A lot of those values we try and represent with State & Company.

For some of you that have grown up with dogs, you'll understand. For others that haven't, or may have never had a dog, there's something special about our little fur companions. Now anytime you see the Indy Boy mascot you can know who he was made after and what it represents.