Behind the Design | New Beaver Field

We love looking to the past for inspiration. Whether that is for print placement, design ideas, fonts, you name it. For this particular idea we had read about the Penn State stadium transitions from Old Main lawn to the Penn State Beaver Stadium we know today.

The very first field that the Penn State Football team played on was just that, a field. It was located right out front of Old Main. Now this location is designated for sun bathing, studying, and the occasional photo session. Their next stop was a small stadium that sat only 500 people. That was quickly outgrown and the next stop was where we get our New Beaver Field T-Shirt design inspiration from.

New Beaver Field 1900's

New Beaver field was the second stadium built by Penn State. It sat 30,000 people, had a track, and housed multiple sports including Penn State Football. It was a beautifully built, wooden stadium that was located just near where Rec Hall currently stands. We thought this field was rich in history and was a huge driving force for what we now know as Beaver Stadium. This 1909 stadium was the next big step for the Nittany Lions so we wanted to commemorate that with a history rich t-shirt.

New Beaver Field T-Shirt

We found an old drawing of the stadium and created our own interpretation of it for a t-shirt. The stadium you see on the front of the t-shirt is the actual stadium and it’s layout. We made the design on an extremely soft, tapered fit t-shirt that has a vintage, cracked design that only gets softer the more you wear it.

Now you know a little history about where the Penn State Nittany Lions came from and how they got to where they are today! I