5 Spots In State College, PA for Penn State Students Who Have Dogs

5 Spots In State College, PA for Penn State Students Who Have Dogs

Around 5 o’clock every night Indy has his witching hour. He’s pumped up from sleeping all day, his mom just got home, and he’s gotta belly full of food. It’s the perfect storm for a rambunctious 8-month old Labradoodle. Here’s a list of where we take him to burn that energy and have him crashed by 9.

 Spring Creek Park

We love this State College Park. It has basketball courts, tennis ball courts, baseball fields, A play ground, and an shallow stream that runs through it. We love it for Indy because the field that makes up the outfield of the two baseball fields is HUGE. You can keep your distance from other people and dogs very easily. Indy loves a soccer ball and will go crazy for it and chase it all night if his little legs would hold out long enough. We can kick the hell out of that thing and he’ll go chasing after it and we don’t have to worry about getting into someone else’s space.

There’s also a little loop you can take around the park that follows the stream. If your dog loves water then they’ll love Spring Creek. It’s clean, shallow, and slow. There are a few spots on either side of the creek that your dog can get down into and splash around. This spot is super versatile for any dog.


Tudek Park & Dog Park

 Tudek is the premier dog park in State College. It currently has 2 fenced in areas for dogs. One is for 30 lbs. and lower while the other holds the bigger dogs. We’ve never had a bad time here and almost all of the regulars are friendly (dogs that is). The park has real grass, trees, and toys. One of the best features is the water fountain and bowls that are left there for everyone to use. You’ll see the water fountain right outside the pens where you can open up the side for a water valve to fill up the bowls.

If the park is dead and you are the only ones there then head down the road and take a lap around Tudek Park. This park has a paved, circular lap that is almost exactly a mile long. Along the path you’ll see a big field with a baseball diamond, pavilions, and a playground. Keep going and you’ll see the Butterfly Garden and Horses. This is one of our favorite spots because there’s a lot to see and and do. The walk is easy and you’re little Bub will love it!


Spring Creek Canyon Trail/Fisherman’s Paradise

 I grouped these two together because they are connected by a well-maintained, shaded trail that runs right next to Spring Creek. If you were to walk from the SGL 333 (Shiloh Exit) side the whole way down to Fisherman’s Paradise (Bellefonte) it ends up being exactly 3.2 miles or 5K for you runners out there.  This is a straight trail so there is no circle loop to end up back where you started.

This trail has a few other people walking it, running it, or biking but the traffic is light and we usually let Indy wander freely with his leash still on. If you prefer a little more of a "wooded" walk you can scoot down one of the trails that fishermen have worn down of the years and get closer to the water.

This trail is great for dogs who love water, want to run, and chase sticks. Indy absolutely loves this trail and so do we for the easy walk in nature. The only downside is the possibility for ticks and burrs that are abundant. If your dog has a tick medication or Seresto collar then you should be fine but the burrs will get in your dogs coat especially in the summer.


Boalsburg, PA

 If you’re looking for a walk around a town more than in the woods then Boalsburg is a great location. It’s a quiet, historic town right outside of State College. The houses are victorian and beautiful. The streets have very little traffic and you should only see a few cars along your walk. A little fun fact about Boalsburg is that the town is considered the birthplace of Memorial Day! If you need to quench your thirst after your walk you can swing down to the Boalsburg Tavern for a cold one on their patio.

If your dog needs to burn a little extra energy then you can walk over to the Boalsburg Military Museum (5-8 mins) where they have a big open field in the front that your little guy can play fetch in. We love Boalsburg for the days we want to grab a drink or a bite to eat after getting Indy tuckered out.


Arboretum Trailhead/Bellefonte Rail Trail

If you live downtown or right by Penn State campus but don’t feel like going far then you can walk your pup to the Arboretum trailhead/Bellefonte Rail Trail. This trail runs about 3 Miles on a gravel path with a small section that you can take that’s in the woods. I always park at Sunset Park and work my way through the woods before getting onto the gravel path. That way he and I get a little nature walk in before getting to the part of the trail the goes under highway 99.

This trail can have some regular traffic so your dog will have to stay on his leash. It’s an easy walk and you get some nature in. 5/5 for convenience. On your way back after the walk you can swing by the Berkey Creamery for a heaping cone of Arboretum Breeze.


Let us know in the comments some of your favorite spots to take your dog!