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We're a State College, PA based lifestyle brand. We design premium products with attention to detail. We pick up on the little things that make Happy Valley unique. We believe that the products we develop should not only be high quality but should represent something larger than themselves. A community, a culture, a propulsion in the right direction.

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"Welcome To The Valley" Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
"Welcome To The Valley" Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
"Welcome To The Valley" Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
"Welcome To The Valley" Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
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We breakdown our clothing into 3 different fits. This way you can know exactly what you are getting! 

As with everything in life not all shirts are perfect. Some are made a little wider during cutting and others a little more slim. These categorizations hold true but there will be differences from shirt to shirt. Use this as a guide when you are deciding what shirt to buy. 
You can find the fit of each shirt in the bullet points of the items product page. 
Women's apparel has a description of fit on the product page.
Sweatshirts & hoodies will follow these categorizations roughly. 

We are currently experiencing supply chain delays within the time frame of 5-10 days plus shipping. Our supplier is still operational and printing shirts but with added delays to ensure a safe environment for their workers and a quality product for consumers. We appreciate your understanding during these turbulent times. We are doing everything within our power to safely move forward.


August 15th, 2020

Current Print Time (5-10 days) plus shipping

Our printing service is coming back strong! We are currently looking at 5-10 days delay plus 2-3 days shipping. Thank you all for being patient while this was sorted out. Stay safe!


July 9th, 2020

Current Print Time (2-3 weeks) plus shipping

Our printing service company is picking up! Current times are slightly faster (3-4 days) but we are still going to keep our 2-3 weeks wait in order to be on the safe side. The coronavirus is picking up in select states and new hotspots are opening up so the landscape is still unpredictable. We are happy to partner with a company that takes the health and safety of their employees very serious. Thank you for being patient as we work through this together. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to email us at

July 3rd, 2020

Current print time (2-3 weeks) plus shipping

Our printing service works on demand. This means they print as orders come in. This allows us to not hold excessive inventory and we can sustainably create only what we need. They are currently inundated with orders from the explosion of people shopping online (we're guilty too) and have decided to work on their backlog by restricting stores from adding NEW product. Any orders placed from current goods from our store WILL be printed but we can not add any new products to our store at this time. This will allow them to catch up and get back under their feet. Again, we appreciate your understanding and if you have any questions please email us at


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